Prestigious event and meeting of friends from all over the world

Industry leaders, new products, innovative solutions in the breeding sector, extensive exhibition of pigeons and products intended for their breeding, know-how, meetings with industry personalities, advice on pigeon care and breeding – this is how the upcoming Fair of Racing Pigeons, which will take place in January in the heart of the Wielkopolska region, can be described in brief.


The Fair will be accompanied by the 36th FCI Pigeon Olympiad, which will be organized in our country for the fourth time already. This highly prestigious event is impatiently awaited by all breeders in the world who approach the topic of pigeon breeding in a professional way. The Fair will be of business nature, but it will be also characterized by wonderful atmosphere. The two elements will surely attract tens of thousands of breeders not only from Poland, but also from the entire world. We hope that this event, prepared on a grand scale, will satisfy the curiosity of visitors who have been waiting for two years to see the world's best pigeons from the best-known breeding farms and an extensive offer for breeders.