Extensive exhibition and grand scale of the event

Many months of hard work on the project have resulted in a huge and extremely diverse exhibition. The most beautiful Olympic pigeons will be presented in the modern Hall 7A. It is where you will have an opportunity to admire the best specimens. Extensive offer for pigeon breeders will be located in Halls 6, 7, 8 and 8A. In total, the exhibition space will occupy the area of 25,000 m2.


In terms of surface area, the Fair of Racing Pigeons and Accessories will be the largest event in our country. The extensive exhibition also places the Fair at the forefront of the leading events on this subject in the world that can be easily compared to the fairs taking place in our neighbouring countries to the west. More than 150 companies from 12 countries of the world have confirmed their participation in the event. Nearly 50% of the exhibitors are foreign companies. Most breeders come from Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, or Italy. The pigeons will also be presented by top Polish breeders. The available space in the halls prepared for the exhibition of products intended for racing pigeons is slowly coming to an end. The organizers expect a total of around 200 exhibitors. The most important information for visitors is that all industry leaders, as well as the main breeding farms in the world, have confirmed their participation in the event. The Fair will be attended by many Polish manufacturers. The organizers still have exhibition space available, but it is really the last moment to register your participation in the Fair of Racing Pigeons and Accessories.