A feast for breeders of racing pigeons in January in Poznan!

Breeding pigeons in our country has a long tradition. For breeders pigeons are something more than love. It's a great passion, a way of life, a very important hobby, a passion passed down from generation to generation. Today breeding pigeons is not a thing of the past, and the best birds are more expensive than gold. The most beautiful specimens of pigeons and a wide range of breeders will be seen in 25-27 January 2019 on MTP fairgrounds at the 36th Pigeon Olympiad and the Trade Fair of Racing Pigeons and Accessories.



The history of the Trade Fair of Racing Pigeons and Accessories is quite short. How do you make potential exhibitors warm to this initiative?

Łukasz Rachubiński, Project Director: The organizer of the Trade Fair of Racing Pigeons and Accessories is Poznań International Fair, which has vast experience in preparing various types of trade fairs and events. The knowledge and experience is also supported by very good logistics facilities. Exhibitors can count not only on modern infrastructure, convenient access, ample accommodation facilities, but also a spacious car park.

Preparation for the Trade Fair of Racing Pigeons and Accessories has been ongoing for over a year. What is the organization team dealing with now?

We have 4 months left until the event. For the organizing team it is the time of hard work. At the moment we are in the process of placing exhibition stands for the Trade Fair of Racing Pigeons and Accessories, which will present a wide portfolio of products needed during the breeding pigeons. Two of four halls dedicated to exhibitors are already occupied. We are slowly running out of space in the other two. 70% of the space is already booked. There are few free stands left for exhibitors. September 30 is the deadline for applications, which guarantees a promotional price offer. For companies that have not yet taken a decision on the participation in the Fair, this is the last chance.

Will the fair be co-created by foreign companies and pigeon breeders from abroad?

Of course. In the first days of September, more than 130 companies from 11 countries of the world confirmed their participation. 40% are foreign exhibitors. A lot of breeders come from Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland or Italy. Among the foreign exhibitors there also are representatives of China and Thailand. First talks with exhibitors were conducted in September last year. I hope that in November, the reservation of stands at the Trade Fair of Racing Pigeons and Accessories will be completed. Manufacturers and distributors, among other things, of fodder, medicines, supplements, cleaning agents, dovecotes, electronic systems, clocks, trophies or means of transport, will present their offer. On 27-28 October in Kassel, exhibitors will have the last chance to talk about stands.

The situation described by you looks very impressive. As you can see this will be a very successful edition of the Fair. What will be the number of companies participating in the event?

Currently, we have planned about 130 booths. The total number of exhibitors will be higher, however. We hope that it will reach 200 companies. Among the exhibitors there will also be the most important pigeon breeders from Poland and the world. We are proud that so far industry leaders as well as the most important breeders have confirmed their participation.

So rich assortment is sure to attract a broad and diverse group of visitors...

Poznan located at the heart of Wielkopolska is one of the most important cities in Central and Eastern Europe. Its great advantage is very well developed air, rail, road and motorway transport from Berlin, Warsaw and Tri-City. The trade fair will be visited by people from the farthest corners of the globe. Another advantage is the date of the Trade Fair of Racing Pigeons and Accessories. It falls during the winter break in Wielkopolska, so traffic on the streets will be significantly reduced. We estimate that the number of visitors will reach 30,000 professionals from both Poland and abroad. The trade fair will be accompanied by the 36th Pigeon Olympiad, which is very much expected by the whole environment.

The Pigeon Olympiad has a long tradition, but it takes place in our country for the fourth time, and for the second time in Poznan. The organization of the event in Poznań on MTP fairgrounds is a great honour.

As the technical operator of the Olympiad and the organizer of the Fair, we are proud of the honorable role. We hope that with the experience gained we will prepare an interesting event, once again combining passion with business and increasing interest in this wonderful hobby, which is the breeding of pigeons.

In this place, it's good to ask about logistical issues important to visitors such as a car park...

We are prepared to accommodate several thousands of cars on each day of the Fair. 1,200 parking spaces on MTP fairgrounds are available to visitors. But that's not all. At a distance of 400 meters from MTP, there are nearly 3,000 available parking spaces. For those traveling by train or bus it is important that both stations are only 200 meters from our fairgrounds.

And what about the ticket offices? They may be blocked by increased traffic.

To ensure hassle-free entry to the fairgrounds to visitors, tickets will be available on the Internet. They will be available for purchase in November on several platforms. They will be available to all visitors at the entrance to MTP fairgrounds. We do not anticipate any difficulties and logistical problems.

Please compare this year's exhibition which that of 2011 during the last edition of the event in Poznan...

This year's the Trade Fair of Racing Pigeons and Accessories will be twice as big. Compared to the previous edition, the current edition of the event promises to be more impressive. The broad spectrum of products and articles used for breeding pigeons will be presented on the surface of 25,000 m2, of which the catering zone will occupy 6,000 m2. We also recorded an increase in interest among exhibitors, as well as increasing the surface area of individual exhibition stands. Leaders booked space in a range of 100-200 m2. It is worth noting that the location of the Fair in modern halls will allow the preparation of very impressive structures up to 9 meters high. It will also provide visitors with great comfort while viewing the exhibition. The halls feature wide passageways, several zones of rest and catering areas. To help you move around MTP fairgrounds, at the entrance, every visitor will receive a free fair guide containing, among other things, the exhibition plan, exhibitor list and other useful information about the event.

From the point of view of the exhibitors, are the organizers preparing any innovations?

Yes. The most important novelty is the debut of the MTP Gold Medal competition. Companies that have confirmed their participation in the Trade Fair of Racing Pigeons and Accessories can compete for a prestigious award − MTP Gold Medal until the end of November. All exhibitors who have innovative solutions for pigeons made based on the utmost technologies and unique recipes in their portfolio are invited to participate in the competition. The Gold Medal is a distinction that has been awarded for over 30 years by an independent Competition Jury. It is composed of eminent experts and professors of various fields. The competition is organized by the World Trade Center Poznań, which actively promotes international trade. Gold Medal is an appreciated in the market recommendation of specialists, which emphasizes innovation and high quality of a product or service. In addition, exhibitors may enjoy one more award – MTP Gold Medal – Consumers' Choice selected from the products and services awarded the MTP Gold Medals. However, this time the best one will be selected by breeders. The Gold Medal ceremony will take place during the opening ceremony of the Fair. We can already see great interest in the prize. Especially among companies that have in their portfolio clocks, systems using GPS, but also pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, food, etc. The awarded products will be extensively promoted in print and online media. The competition results will be announced in December this year.